The Good old Turkey Dinner

Like almost all restaurants, we’ve had a revolving list of specials through the years. All have had their moments of popularity, but none have been as popular as the Turkey Dinner Special. Pre-Covid, the only time you could get a turkey dinner was on Sunday. Sunday was Turkey Dinner day and everyone knew that. Many people planned their Sundays around this special, and the restaurant was awash with countless regulars that you needn’t bother asking for their order, you knew they would want a “turkey dinner with dressing.”

But during Covid, when we had to close the dining room of the restaurant and switch to carryout only, our specials went to the wayside, except for the Turkey Dinner. Suppliers were always out of something we needed, which made coming up with specials virtually impossible. One of the few products they never ran out of was turkeys!  We turned this abundance of turkeys into an abundance of Turkey Dinners, making it our never-ending special.

Here we are, almost 4 years post-Covid, and the Daily Turkey Dinner is still our #1 special. On average, we roast and serve 560lbs of turkey every week!

Stop by our restaurant any day of the week, any time of year, and order a Turkey Dinner! Take your choice of: white or dark meat (I get a mix of both), Homemade Dressing, 2 Sides & 2 dinner rolls! It’s comfort food at its finest.