Petting Zoo

Visit our Petting Zoo! Its FREE to visit!

Our Zoo started in the late 80’s after we collected a few animals and decided to show them off to the public.

We have a fun variety of animals that range from farmyard livestock to some exotic animal friends. We have donkeys, chickens, lambs, pigs, turkeys, ducks, cows, rabbits, alpacas, peacocks, emus, guinea fowl, and last but certainly not least, a lot of goats. We may have a small goat obsession… What can we say, they’re just so much fun!

You can walk right into our zoo and interact with our most friendly animals. As you walk in they’ll come runnin’ to greet you, hoping you brought them a snack. We have coin machines scattered around our zoo that hold food for our animals. We also sell bags of food in our Orchard Market up the hill from the Zoo.

Over the past few years we have made a multitude of improvements to our zoo. We have added new playgrounds, goat walks, expanded habitats, added a gazebo, and more than doubled our pasture space for the animals. We’re always making changes and adding new things to the zoo. Make sure to stop by to see our most recent additions!

The Petting Zoo and Market are a short walk from each other. If you are at our Orchard Market, just walk through the parking lots and down the hill and you will see the Zoo.

Zoo Hours

9am – 6pm everyday May – October

Zoo map

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