Our Products

Apple Butter:

Baugher’s apple butter is made the old fashioned way using Baugher’s apples, sweet apple cider and a blend of spices. Then it is slow cooked to perfection!

Our Apple Butter is great on so many things, get creative with what you try it on. One of Mr. B’s favorites was to put apple butter on was Oysters! Give it a try and tell us what you think! Our Apple Butter is available in two recipes. The original Homestyle recipes and a Sugar Free recipe that has no added sugar.


Baugher’s Applesauce is like no other! Made with Baugher’s apple and a special spice blend, we promise it won’t disappoint. Our delicious applesauce is made two ways. Our Homestyle applesauce is a crowd favorite, and our No Sugar Added applesauce is just as delicious but without added sugar.


Baugher’s fudge is made and hand packed in our bakery with only the best ingredients. We make 6 flavors of creamy and delicious fudge! We make the favorites like Chocolate, and Peanut butter as well as a few other flavors. Chocolate Peanut butter, Chocolate walnut, Maple walnut, and Cookies & Cream!

Sweet Apple Cider:

We use a special blend of sweet & tart apples, all harvested from our trees, right here in Carroll County , MD. The apples are picked at their peak ripeness for flavor, selected by variety, with a mixture of sweet & tart apple flavors to blended into a full-bodied apple cider. Our apple cider keeps well in your refrigerator for two weeks.

Local Honey:

Our local honey is extracted & bottled by a beekeeper who collects honey from his hives at our orchard & other orchards within a 50 mile radius. It is unpasteurized honey, which has more health benefits, such as B vitamins, antioxidants, and beneficial enzymes that are not in pasteurized honey.

Fruit Baskets

Our fruit baskets are packed to the brim with Baugher’s Apples, Florida Citrus, pears, bananas, grapes, nuts, and candy, and topped with a jar of Baugher’s Apple Butter! Each fruit basket is made fresh to order and is available for pick up at our Fruit Market in town next to our restaurant.

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