How It Works


First you purchase your fruit container and pay your entrance fees. Most weekdays containers and entrance fees are sold in the market and weekends they are sold at the orange or yellow ticket booth.


Park your strollers and leave backpacks, coolers, blankets and bags in the car. They are not permitted in the Pick-Your-Own fields.


Take the wagon ride to the field. The wagons run continuously.


A team member will instruct you on where to pick and how to find the ripest fruits.


Take the wagon back to the Market.

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Sunflowers are a recent addition to our Pick-Your-Own offering!

Picking Today:
Pickin' Availability Excellent

Another popular apple! These little red apples pack a big flavor. They’re very sweet and crunchy. They’re best for eating and they’re small size makes them great for packing in lunches

Picking Today:
Pickin' Availability

Macintosh are one of the classic apples that your grandmother used to bake with! These have a tart flavor and a nice firm flesh. They are good for cooking and eating!

Picking Today:
Pickin' Availability Very Good

One of the sweetest apples we grow! Fuji apples are loved for their super sweet, crisp, and crunchy flesh. They are amazing for eating and can be used to bake as well! We grow several varieties of these apples like: September Wonder Fuji, Daybreak Fuji, and Aztec Fuji.

Picking Today:
Pickin' Availability

May to June

We grow over 20 acres of strawberries every year. Strawberries are our first fruit of the year and are available in our markets and Pick-Your- Own around the middle of May and last for about a month. Pick-Your-Own strawberries are one of Spring’s best family activities!

Garden Peas
Early to Mid June

We have Pick-Your-Own garden peas in early June! Picking peas is a fun and unique family experience no one will forget. Peas are also available in our market during the peak of the season.


Honeyberries are new to Baugher’s. They are not in production yet and need more time to mature.

Sweet Cherries

Picking sweet cherries is a wonderful family outing. They’re available in our markets and for pick your own, but sweet cherry season usually doesn’t last long, so make sure to call ahead before you come out.

Sour Cherries
Late June

We grow beautiful sour cherries! Sour cherries are available in pre-picked buckets only at our Orchard Market. We also have a magnificent Pick-Your-Own orchard for sour cherries. The sour cherry season is short; it can be as short as one week on bad years, so make sure you call before you come out!!

Black Currants

Black currants are new to Baugher’s! We have a large patch of this unique and nutritious fruit. They are available for Pick-Your-Own and have limited availability at our Orchard Market.

Red Currants

Red Currants are new to Baugher’s. They are not in production yet and need more time to mature.


Gooseberries are a new berry for Baugher’s. They have a very limited availability and are only available for Pick-Your-Own. Gooseberries are not available in either of our market.


Jostaberries are new to Baugher’s. They are a cross between a current and gooseberry. They are not in production yet and need more time to mature.

July to Early September

Blackberries are new to Baugher’s! We have a huge patch for Pick-Your-own blackberries. They are also available in both of our markets during their season.

July & August

We grow white and yellow peaches and have them in our markets from July until the end of August! You can Pick-Your-Own peaches on weekends during peach season at our Orchard market.

July & August

They’re like a peach but without the fuzz! We grow several varieties of white and yellow nectarines which are available in our market and for Pick-Your-own on weekends.

July & August

We grow several different varieties of plums. You can Pick-Your-Own plums for a very short time typically around the middle of July. Give us a call mid June to see when they’re available to pick.

Donut Peaches

They look like a flattened peach! They’re small and great for snacking. They also have a more concentrated peach flavor. They only last for a short season though.


We grow sweet and tender corn right here at our farm- usually picked at the peak of their season. We have white corn and bi-color corn, both great for eating and canning.


There is nothing better than a fresh home-grown tomato. We have canning grade tomatoes for all the canners out there, just call to check availability before coming out. We grow large beefsteak varieties and several varieties of cocktail tomatoes.


We grow 3 types of watermelons that are all hand-picked by our crew. We grow seedless, sugar babies, and Sangria watermelons which are all sold in our markets. Any summer gettogether isn’t complete without a watermelon and they don’t get sweeter than a Baugher’s watermelon!


Our cantaloupes are hand-picked and sold in our markets. Our cantaloupes are sweet, juicy, and super fresh which makes them perfect for any summer activity.

Green Peppers & Jalapeños

We grow beautiful peppers and hand-pick them to sell in our markets. They’re great for stuffing, eating raw, using in salsas, and so much more!



Fall Squash
September – November

We grow the favorites like butternut, spaghetti, acorn and more! All hand picked and abundant in our markets during the fall season.

Pumpkins & Fall Items
Weekends in October

Come out during October weekends for Pick-Your-Own pumpkins! Take a fun hay ride out to the field and enjoy our fall festivities that run all month long. Our markets are overflowing with all types of pumpkins during the fall season. Baugher’s has all the pumpkins you could ever want!

Honey Crisp Apples
Early August to Early October

One of the most popular apples around! They’re super sweet, so juicy, and have a massive crunch. They’re amazing for eating and cooking! We grow several different varieties of Honey Crisp apples! Premier Honey Crisp, Firestorm Honey Crisp, Royal Red Honey Crisp, and regular Honey Crisp.

Blondee Apples
Mid August

These yellow apples are basically a Gala but are yellow! They have the same sweet, crunchy flavor as a Gala.

Gala Apples
Mid August

Another popular apple! These little red apples pack a big flavor. They’re very sweet and crunchy. They’re best for eating, and they’re small size makes them great for packing in lunches.

Macintosh Apples
Late August

One of the classic apples that your grandmother used to bake with. These have a tart flavor and a nice firm flesh. They are good for cooking and eating!

Macoun Apples
Late August

These semi-tart apples have a nice flavor and average to the smaller size. They look very similar to a MacIntosh but are a little less tart.

Jonathan Apples
Late August

These are a deep red apple with nice firm flesh good for baking and cooking. They have a spiced flavor that gives dishes baked with them a unique flavor.

Cortland Apples
Early September

These apples have a beautiful maroon blush and have a tart firm flesh. Here’s some Baugher’s trivia—one Baugher grandchild is named after this apple!

Fiji Apples
Early September

One of the sweetest apples we grow! They’re loved for their super sweet, crisp, and crunchy flesh. They are amazing for eating and can be used to bake as well! We grow several varieties of these apples: September Wonder Fuji, Daybreak Fuji, and Aztec Fuji.

Golden Delicious Apples
Early September

This versatile apple is good for everything! Their sweet flavor makes them good for eating, it also means you don’t have to add much sugar when you bake with a golden delicious. These apples are also one of the best for making apple sauce.

Red Delicious Apples
Mid September

Everyone has had a red delicious at some point. They are one of the most popular apple in the country. Their flavor is unique and not like other apples. They’re sweet and crispy, easy to see why they’re so popular! There is a variety that is exclusive to Baugher’s called royal red delicious; grafted right here at our farm!

JonaGold Apples
Mid September

A cross between a Jonathan and a Golden delicious. These apples are very popular because they are excellent for everything! They are sweet and tart. We love to eat them and bake with them! They’re the choice apple of Baugher’s Bakery.

Mutsu Apples
Late September

These apples are giant. They’re often largest enough to make a full meal out of. They have a semi-sweet firm flesh that has a nice crunch. They are amazing to eating and baking. They are also known as a Crispin, which is their Americanized name, and Mutsu is their original Japanese name.

Shizuka Apples
Early October

They are a sister to a Mutsu but are sweeter. They’re a large, green apple with lower acid levels than a Mutsu. They also have a good crunch. Many love to eat these apples due to their sweet flavor.

Sweet Zinger Apples
Early October

Another new apple! These apples have a citrus zing and are nice and crunchy! They’re great for eating!

Stayman-Winesap Apples
Early October

These are another of our most popular apples! Staymen Winsesap apples are deep maroon color and have a crunchy tart flesh. For those that like to eat a tart apple these are one of the best! They are super versatile and are good for everything.

Granny Smith Apples
Mid October

One bite of these tart apples with have you wrinkling up your snoot! Granny smith apples are as tart as they get, which makes them good for baking. For those that like an extremely tart apple to eat, they have a nice crunchy flesh and good flavor once you get past the tartness.

Ida Red Apples
Mid October

Ida Red are one of the apples used by the Baugher’s Bakery. Their tart, semi-firm flesh makes them very good for baking!

Empire Apples
Mid October

These apples are a pretty dark red and have a sweet/tart flavor and a semi-firm flesh. They are good for baking and their smaller size makes them good for eating out of hand.

Pink Lady Apples
Mid October

The Pink Lady apple is as pink as they come. Their unique coloring makes them stand out among other apples. They have a semi-sweet flavor and a nice crunch. They are versatile apples that is great for eating and baking.

EverCrisp Apples
Late October

This apple is one of the new boys on the block. A cross between a Honeycrisp and a Fuji, this apples looks a little more like a fuji but has a unique flavor. They’re incredible sweet and have one of the biggest crunch of any apple out there. They also keep for a very long time. This apples is as sweet as candy but so much better!

Golden Rush Apples
Late October

These apples look like gold! They have a golden hues that pop out and a semi-tart flesh. They are also very hard which makes them very good for eating!

Please Note:

Please come back to the market to picnic. There are picnic tables in front of the market and at the Petting zoo.

There are mobile restrooms located in the fields with hand washing stations as well as restrooms located at the market.

Please see our pet policy before visiting.

Pick-Your-Own Hours Vary by crop and season

Call first before you come out!


Strawberries, Peas and Cherries

(Approximately Mid-May – Early-July)
Everyday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Blackberries, Black Currants, and Gooseberries

(Approximately July – Early-September)
Some weekdays and weekends 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
*Weekday hours for berry picking are subject to many variables. Be sure to call first before you come out.

Peaches, Plums, Nectarines

(Approximately July – August)
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Once Carroll County schools are in session
Saturday & Sunday 9a.m. – 5p.m.

Apples, Pumpkins & Sunflowers

September: Saturday & Sunday 9a.m. – 5p.m.
October: Saturday & Sunday 10a.m. – 5p.m.

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What’s Pickin’ Today

Pick-Your-Own This Week:

Weekends only now through October

  • Saturday 23th: OPEN 9-5
  • Saturday 24th: OPEN 9-5
    • Rain expected Saturday, be prepared for delays and/or cancelations   Always call: 410-857-0111 before heading out to the farm!

** All hours are weather & crop permitting

Fruits Open for Picking:
  • Apples
    • Fuji
    • Cortland
    • Jonathan
  • Sunflowers
  • Pumpkins



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