Baugher’s History

Baugher’s Orchard started out in 1904 as a working farm with an orchard. In 1933, Edward & Romaine Baugher purchased the original 60 acre farm on Baugher Road from Edward’s siblings when his parents died.

They expanded their farming efforts, developed improved methods of operating, and survived the Great Deprssion because of their frugalness and business savvy.

They built & opened Baugher’s Restaurant & Fruit Market in 1948 to sell the fruit grown at the orchard directly to customers in Westminster. They tried many different business ventures to add to the limited income that the orchard brought, such as trucking for hire, raising poultry & hogs to sell, making apple butter, making homemade ice cream to serve at the restaurant. They were very enterprising. Edward passed away in 1984, and Romaine passed away in 2006.

Throughout the years, land was purchased to add to the farming & orchard operation. Allan & Marjorie Baugher, their children, and other family members were instrumental in developing the retail , pick your own, & wholesale part of the business.

allan & marjorie's family

The Baugher Family have always appreciated the dedicated employees that worked at the orchard, markets, and restaurant. They all have been an essential part of the business.

Below is a timeline when these operations were added to the Baugher mix:

1904 First ownership of original farm on Baugher Road by Daniel & Mary Baugher

1933 Edward & Romaine purchase the 60 acre farm

1948 Baugher’s Restaurant was built & opened in Westminster by Edw. & Romaine Baugher. Homemade ice cream was first made close to this time also.

1969 Packing House & Facility along Rt 140 was built to house a market, bakery, cold storage, fruit packing machinery, apple cider mill, & storage.

1970 The AppleMan was created by Allan Baugher.

1972 Romaine Baugher opened the orchard market to sell fruit right on the farm, along with her baked goods.

1976 Pick Your Own Sour Cherries started by Allan Baugher. First crop for customers to pick at Baugher’s Orchard!

1977 Pick Your Own Sweet Cherries added to selection.

1981 Bakery opened in a section of the building along MD 140, a lifelong dream of Romaine Baugher, who was then 70 years old!

1983 First year of Pick Your Own Strawberries

1986 First year of pressing Sweet Apple Cider (at the building along MD 140)

1987 Petting Zoo first year of customer visits!

1990 Pick Your Own Pumpkins …first year.

2001 Pick Your Own peaches & apples added to the mix!

2022 Sunflowers in the Fall

2022 Blackberries, Currants, Gooseberries, and Jostaberries

Changes & additions are continually added with requests & ideas.

We always strive to please our customers!