No U-Pick at the Farm this weekend.
Market at Orchard is Open 8am - 6pm
No U-Pick Sweet Cherries or Sour Cherries this year...the crop froze in spring during blossom time.
Peaches coming soon!
Visit Baugher's restaurant, farm market, orchard, and pick your own in Westminster, Maryland.
Restaurant: 410-848-7413      |      Fruit Market: 410-848-7490      |      Orchard Market: 410-848-5541      |      U-Pick: 410-857-0111

Baugher's Restaurant & Fruit Market * 289 W. Main Street * Westminster, MD 21158
Baugher's Orchards, Farm Market & Pick Your Own * 1015 Baugher Road * Westminster, MD 21158

Call Baugher's at each location.

Our Phone Numbers

(410) 848-7413

Fruit Market
(410) 848-7490

Orchards & Farm Market
(410) 848-5541

Pick Your Own Hotline
(410) 857-0111

(410) 848-5313

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